Top 13 Best Gag Gifts That Will Make Them ROFL

Be it for a White Elephant party or for Christmas, best gag gifts are something that lightens up our moods and adds some extra fun to the party. Well, if you’re going to buy some sentimental gifts for your friends, you need to be pretty careful. 

Not everyone is ready to be filled with fuzzy and warm feelings after opening the package, right? So, wouldn’t it be better if you looked for something that guarantees to make them laugh out loud? 

After all, laughter is the best gift you can give to people. Now, we’ve got good news for you! 

In this article, we’ve mentioned 13 of the most hilarious best gag gifts you can give to your friends.

With our top picks, you can nail all the gift-giving parties this year. Without further ado, let’s get right to it!.

Top 13 Best Gag Gifts (Review)

1. Subtle Butt

Subtle Butt

Guess what’s the best way to embarrass your friend and yet make everyone laugh their heads off? Get a subtle Butt pad for your dearest friend! It basically works as an odor filter, which is made of activated, antimicrobial charcoal pads. 

The pads are covered with a soft fabric. They’re very discreet, thin and disposable as well. So, when your friend asks questions about the quality of the gift you’re giving to him, you can just tell him about all the good qualities of the Subtle butt in a subtle way!

Tell your friend that its activated carbon makes it the most effective one among all the fart pads in the market. Each pack consists of 5 fart pads to filter out the flatulence odor and save everyone from the violent suffocation.

So, whether your friend has a gas problem or is just a fan of Indian food, stick out one of the butt farts pads and hand it over to him. He will laugh at first, but deep down, he will be thankful to you as well!


  • It comes at an affordable price
  • When placed properly, it gives effective results
  • Best bang for your buck.


  • The pad size may not fit everyone properly
  • It doesn’t work if not positioned correctly

2. The Official Bullsh*t Button

The Official Bullsh*t Button

Everyone knows at least one person who’s full of crap. We’re talking about the people who start blabbering about all the nonsense in the world every time you meet them. Now, think to yourself, what would be the best thing to give to them at a gift exchange party? Well, we think giving him the Bullsh*t Button is the best idea!

Now, whenever they’ll start talking nonsense, push the Bullsh*t Button. This way, you’ll be able to stop them from running their mouth and save everyone’s time.

The gigantic red button makes a hysterical statement that will surely make your friend laugh; it’s too hilarious to make them feel offended whatsoever.

Isn’t it the perfect thing to call out BS without even having to say it out loud yourself? The BS button works well in a cubicle too. So, it can be a great gag gift to give to your office buddy.


  • It makes punchy sounds
  • The flashing light makes it funnier
  • The siren catches everyone’s attention


  • It’s not loud enough in some cases
  • The battery is of poor quality

3. Accoutrements Emergency Underpants

Accoutrements Emergency Underpants

Here, we have another useful gag gift suggestion for you: the emergency underpants! Honestly, this gag gift is actually a nice present to give to your beloved friend since he or she can actually use it in the future. The case it comes in is already quite funny because of its cover picture, and the gift that comes inside the case is, of course, even funnier.

The emergency underpants can be the ultimate solution to all underpants' problems for your friend. So, if he’s someone who’s always worried about not having clean underpants when an emergency strikes, these pants can totally come in handy. The case makes it convenient to carry in your pocket, purse, or any small compartment too.

Ever catch your friend saying, he’s feeling a little bubbly in his tummy? The emergency underpants are here to the rescue! Get this out and give it to him. Worried about the size? Don’t be! The emergency underpants can fit most adults. They are safe, secure, and sanitary. So, give this gag gift to a friend who’s always running to the bathroom.


  • A useful thing to have with you when leaving home
  • The quality is pretty impressive
  • Even the metal case it comes in is of great quality


  • The package is too tiny

4. Flair Hair Novelty Adjustable Visor

Flair Hair Novelty Adjustable Visor

We all have a friend who has unfortunately started balding at a young age, don’t we? Ah, how they wish to have a head full of hair! Well, you can make your friend’s wish come true and give him the feel of having hair at least once in his life. How? Get the Flair Hair Novelty Adjustable Visor for him. 

It comes in both a visor and a hat, and in various colors and sizes to fit your friend’s head properly. This gag gift will surely make him laugh! With this gift, you can also get to see how he’d look with a head full of hair. Your friend can shock his friends and family with his new dashing look too. 

Just because it’s a gag gift, that doesn’t mean it’s poor in quality either. The hair is made of 100% polyester and can be easily hand washed. It will even protect your balding friend’s head from the harmful UV rays of the sun.


  • A great gift for the friend having chemotherapy
  • Great quality visor
  • The color is spot on


  • The hair detaches easily from the cap
  • A bit expensive

5. How to Traumatize Your Children

How to Traumatize Your Children

Whether you’re friends with veteran parents, new parents, or just expecting parents, this book is a perfect gag gift for any of them! The whole book has been written in a sarcastic tone - we know that you’ve already assumed that by judging its title. So, it’s quite a funny one that your parent friend will love!

Does your friend have a baby who has already started crying at the beginning of the party? Don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity to give this book to the parents and raise some laughs to lighten up the overall mood. 

The book basically will guide them on how to emotionally and mentally torture their children. Of course, its core purpose is to make the reader laugh – or is it? All jokes aside, this book has been written in a very engaging manner to catch the reader’s full attention.


  • The book is engaging as well as funny
  • Great gift for parent friends


  • The book has no real informative content

6. Forum Novelties Men's Bum Shorts

Forum Novelties Men's Bum Shorts

We’re sure that just from the first glance at this, people will start laughing out loud! Yes, these bum shorts surely will cover your bums, but the fake bottom design on its back will make your family and friends laugh, for sure! 

The bum shorts look like they have a huge hole on the back, making it seem like your butt is exposed to the world. Imagine how everyone will react after seeing these pants! It will be funnier if you somehow convince your friend to wear the shorts. The fabric, which can be hand washed, is printed with red and white stripes. And the shorts can fit most adults. So, you don’t need to worry about the size of your friend’s butt!

It’s made of 100% polyester. So, you don’t need to worry about quality. You can also buy some additional accessories and other costume pieces to add some extra fun to the party.

So, what’s holding you back? Buy the Forum Novelties Men’s Bum Shorts right now!


  • The fabric quality is great
  • It can be hand washed


  • The color quality of the butt design part is poor

7. Nature's D*ck Pics 2020 Wall Calendar

Nature's D*ck Pics 2020 Wall Calendar

Did you invite that one thirsty friend who always crushes over guys and their d*ck pics to your party? Here’s the perfect gag gift you can give to your friend. It’s a wall calendar, but, of course, there’s a humorous twist to it.  The wall calendar is full of pictures of natural settings that basically resemble penises! It will lighten up your friend’s mood, for sure.

It comes in the dimensions of 1.5 x 8.5 inches, which is quite large. Another great thing about the pictures of this calendar is that the more innocent people won’t even get the point of you guys laughing over nature pictures!

So, we can say that it’s a perfect gag gift for any occasion: white elephant party, birthdays, gift exchange parties, secret Santa, dirty Santa, bachelorette party, pranks, bar mitzvahs, and more!

Apart from its funny side, a calendar can be a useful thing for every person too. So, even if you fail at making your friend laugh, he or she can just hang it on any wall in his or her home.


  • A calendar can be a useful gift
  • Beautiful nature’s pictures with a funny twist to it


  • The quality is not that great
  • You can’t write on it with ink because of poor paper quality

8. DC Comics Batman Snuggie

DC Comics Batman Snuggie

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  • It’s machine washable
  • The fabric quality is quite good
  • Comfy and funny at the same time


  • The adult size may be too big for some people

9. Liquid Ass

Liquid Ass

The Liquid ass was clearly created with the simple purpose of making people laugh. Its overwhelming, stinky smell will surely evoke some hilarious reactions. 

Give it to your friend as a perfume, and the moment he’ll spray it over his body is the moment he’ll cry and laugh out loud at the same time! It has super-concentrated power-packed liquid. So, the butt-crack odor will fill the air around him instantly. That’s why even though the size of the spray is so tiny, it can last for a long time.

Whether the person getting the gag gift laughs or not, your other friends at the party definitely will. No one expects anyone to smell like fresh poo at a friends’ or family gathering, after all. If anyone accidentally stinks like poop, it will definitely be more hilarious rather than disconcerting.

The spray comes in a 30 ml bottle. It even comes with instructions, which makes it even more fun. Who even expects to have proper instructions on a gag gift like this one? So, get this super horrible smelling spray for your favorite friend and make everyone at the party laugh.


  • Proper instructions printed on the bottle
  • Its tiny size makes it easy to carry
  • Simple application process


  • No cons to mention

10. 1x Weiner Weener Cleaner Soap

1x Weiner Weener Cleaner Soap

Imagine a soap that is specially designed for penises. Yes, you heard it right! You can even tell by looking at it that it’s not like any regular soap. Your male friend will surely love to get this as a gift. After all, can you even complete your shower without a weiner cleaner? We think not! 

Getting cleaned has never been funnier. Any man will be laughing after getting this soap as a gift. We are sure that they’ll be more excited to actually go home and use it. You can even give it to your man on his birthday or as a hilarious anniversary gift. It’s been designed to make your man pumped up!

Yes, maintaining personal hygiene is important, and it’s even better when it makes you want to take a shower immediately. 

If the party gets boring, pull this out and give it to your smelly or unhygienic friend! We know, he’ll love it. In fact, we’re sure that anyone who gets this as a gift will love it and laugh at it at the same time.


  • It can fit any man
  • The soap is not harsh on skin


  • Its quality is below average

11. Theater of Fools Emergency Clown Nose

Theater of Fools Emergency Clown Nose

The clown nose is something we all find both cute and funny. Give this to your friend and declare him to be the clown of your friend group. He’ll probably find it so funny that he’ll end up wearing it all day long!

The emergency clown nose will surely be the talk of the party, and it will draw people towards him. Who wouldn’t be looking at a person who’s wearing a clown nose for no good reason? It’s been made by the actual performing actors too. So, we can confirm that the quality of the emergency clown nose is quite amazing. 

The round red circle fits any nose. So, be it your male friend or your female friend, adult or kid - you can buy it for anyone without having to worry about its fit. The nose comes in a plastic case, so you can store it when it isn’t being used too. The case gives it a harmless look, making it perfect for giving to anyone as a present.


  • The material is of great quality
  • The plastic keeps it secure


  • The nose and the case are a bit small

12. Maxam Jumbo Stainless Steel Flask

Maxam Jumbo Stainless Steel Flask

Have a friend who likes to drink a lot? Guess what can be a funny and useful thing you can give it to him? How about a jumbo sized stainless steel flask? By jumbo, we mean huge! Its capacity is 64 ounces, and it comes in the dimensions of 7” x 11” x 1.75”. Aside from finding it funny, your friend will be amazed by the sheer size of it.

With this jumbo steel flask, your friend can drink all day, all night. He won’t have to refill it again and again. We think that he may even get tired of drinking. Whether he gets tired of it or not, we’re sure that it will at least make him laugh, and that’s the main objective of giving him the gag gift, isn’t it? 

Judging by the look of it, you may readily assume that it’s of good quality, and you’re absolutely right! It’s about 1.75 inches thick, which makes it pretty durable too. The silver polished finishing makes it look classy. So, it’s fair to say that this huge flask is sleek and funny looking at the same time!


  • Classy design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Leak Proof lid


  • Hold only 10 ounces.

13. BigMouth Inc. The Original Toilet Mug

BigMouth Inc. The Original Toilet Mug

Think about it, you’re giving your friend a mug as a gift. A lot of people do that. So, what’s so funny about it? Well, nothing really. But what if the mug looks exactly like a toilet seat? Disgusting, isn’t it? Imagine this, your friend comes to your place and asks for coffee; you pour the coffee into this toilet mug! We’re sure that your friend’s facial expression will leave you rolling on the floor laughing!

The mug can hold liquid of 12 ounces. So, your friend can use it as a teacup, a coffee mug, or both. We think that the best way to annoy your tea or coffee addict friend is to give him something as silly as this toilet mug. Besides that, the mug is made of ceramic of top-notch quality as well.


  • 12 oz. capacity
  • Made of high quality ceramic


  • Not microwave proof


Wrapping up, we hope that you’ve liked our picks for the best gag gifts. We scoured the internet to find you the funniest ones that you can give to your friends and family.

These days, people have a hard time deciding what they should give to their friends or family on a special occasion. We say that, instead of giving those sweet, sentimental gifts like everybody does, this year, give them something that is guaranteed to make them laugh.

After all, making people laugh is never a bad idea. Each of the best gag gifts that we’ve mentioned on our list is quite funny in its own way. So, pick whichever you think will be best to give for your friend. Laugh away!