Filmora Review: Everything You Need to Know About

As the digital market has taken a big leap forward, the market for video editing software is experiencing an explosion of demand. And a lot of eyes are on the video editor Filmora now. 

Wondershare Filmora offers as many as 800 incredible effects aligned with 50 formats, making it one of the most versatile tools available. We were very curious to find out if the product was worth buying, and ended up doing extensive research on the tool. In an effort to share our thoughts, we’ve prepared this Filmora review for you.

Filmora is a video editing platform that was founded in 2015. So it's a relatively new entrant in the market, but there’s no opportunity to sell it any shorter than its competitors.

The video editing tool has earned the hearts of millions. During our research, we have found hundreds of positive Filmora review all hailing its performance and intuitive interface.

Top Features

  • 4K resolution support
  • Audio equalizer and mixer
  • Multi-layer video editing, simple timeline navigation
  • Split Screen
  • Tilt-shift
  • Full control over video and audio editing
  • Color grading presets
  • Creative text editing
  • GIF support and editing
  • Blurring background
  • Background noise removal and separation
  • Social media import
  • High-resolution export
  • Smooth screen recording
  • Intuitive scene detection

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Pros of Filmora

  • Compared to the market, the product stands at a lower price point while offering a range of functionalities and high performance
  • You can use it one both macOS and Windows
  • A free version of the product is available, you can also upgrade whenever you like
  • The company offers updates on a regular basis
  • There is a huge library offering a wide range of effects and features
  • Intuitive interface

Cons of Filmora

  • You can’t remove the watermark on the free version and it doesn’t offer technical support for free
  • The customer support is unresponsive sometimes

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Filmora Software 

You will find three Filmora products in the current market, each better than the other. Let’s take a closer look at them.  

1. FilmoraPro 

It’s an interactive video editing software, FilmoraPro is extremely beginner-friendly. Anyone can navigate and successfully operate it to create engaging video content whether for marketing purposes or entertainment.

As the name suggests, you get to do some professional editing with an incredible library full of filters and effects, and features including compressor, noise reduction, audio sync, voice-over, and so much more.

So if you’re willing to work like a professional despite having little video editing knowledge, you can check this product out. It will certainly help you.

FilmoraPro includes the following features:

  • Flexible Workspace: FilmoraPro comes with a relatively simple user interface which makes editing much easier compared to contenders. You can begin to toggle between its features as soon as you open a project. 

  • Animation: You can add customized animation into your video using Filmora Pro. There’s also an opportunity for motion tracking edits in the videos, offering you super flexibility. 

  • Special Effects: Choosing from the extensive library of the tool, you can introduce special effects in your video, including zoom and pan, text tiles, and more.

2. Filmora 9

With an aim to reach a wide customer base, Filmora 9 has been designed with the demands of professionals in mind while also keeping it simple enough so that beginner video editors can use it without trouble.

Filmora9 offers both basic compositions as well as audio tools allowing you more control over volume, noise reduction, and a handle for perfect sync. Not only that, but the tool also features high-resolution 4K support, blend modes, image stabilization and so much more.

If you are interested in getting some cool content ready even though you don’t have much experience in the field, you should opt for Filmora9, it is worth buying.

Features that Filmora9 include: 

  • Complex Layering: Using Filmora9, you can present any story as you fancy mashing up to 100 layers of audio and video on the timeline. You can add all the audio and video clips you want, and then some.

  • Seamless Social Sharing: You share your video on social media, YouTube, Vimeo directly from Filmora9 using the ready to go connections it develops with these platforms. 

Filmora Scrn

Filmora Scrn is a name made popular by live streamers and gamers around the world. The tool simply allows you to capture events and edit videos that are happening on screen.

That is to say, you can record multiple in-game moments, and compile them into a super cool video; all that in a matter of minutes. 

Among other exciting features, Filmora Screen offers a changeable cursor, picture in picture options, tutorial features, editing suites, and much more. To begin recording, all you have to do is press Quick Capture and go about your screen stunts.

Features that Filmora Scrn include: 

  • Customizable Recording Layout: You can choose to share your whole screen or a particular tab, Filmora Scrn offers you the freedom of customizing the layout 

  • Picture in Picture: The PIP feature in Filmora Scrn allows you to add an image on top of another. That is, you can edit in a faceman within a game, and you can do so while recording. 

  • Great FPS: This is a particularly helpful feature for gamers who want to record fast-paced actions. 

  • Customized Cursor: Another great feature of Filmora is that you can tweak the cursor and decide on one that suits your personality. You can change the size, shape, color of your cursor while editing in Filmora Scrn.

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Filmora Review: Pricing and Packages

It may not come as a surprise to you that Filmora offers a free version of their product using which you can export high-quality films within 10mins. Note that the video will come with a watermark.

If you like the service and are ready to upgrade, you can choose a paid plan. There are two paid plans actually: one year package and lifetime package.

The one-time package charges $44.99 on mac while the windows version costs about $9.99. It’s much less compared to its competitors Adobe Premiere Elements and Cyberlink PowerDirector Ultimates.

As you subscribe for a paid version you will find the watermark is removed, and you can work on exciting video projects with all the additional features.

That’s not all, every month you will be offered an updated version with additional features. And in case of any queries or technical support, you will have access to Filmora’s 24/7 customer care service. 

Free Version 

As for the free version, there isn’t much that you are missing. With very similar features and functionalities offered on both paid and free versions, you will not feel much at a loss while using the free version.

The only difference is that you cannot get rid of the watermark on the free version, and you’ll also have to pay to access Filmora’s technical support. Other than that, the free version is quite smooth and wonderful to use.

One Year Package 

Like we have mentioned earlier, you’ll receive the opportunity to remove watermark as you upgrade to the one year package, and it doesn’t even cost much. Only $39.99 for a wonderful year full of smooth video editing; not bad, right? 

Lifetime Package

Once you sign up for the lifetime package of Filmora for only $59.99, you will receive an unlimited amount of features, support, and of course, filters all for free, for the rest of your life! As Filmora keeps growing, your tool will continue to update on a regular basis every time bringing something cooler. 

Additional Cost

We’ve tried to observe carefully if Filmora asks for additional costs in order to bring a completely honest Filmora review. Besides the paid packages, you will need to buy some effects in order to access them.

They are not included in the package plan, so if you find them interesting and think that they might help your video look better, you will need to pay an additional price to access them. The price may range from $10 to as high as $100 dollars depending on the features they offer. 

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Filmora Coupons

Wondershare often offers exciting coupons and discount codes on their website, helping eager users to save some cash while enjoying the wonderful service.

Bottom Line

The market for video editing software is one that is ever-growing. Filmora has been at the top of its game for quite some time now, constantly updating their features in order to keep up with the growing demand of customers.

In this Filmora review, we have tried to present to you an unbiased perspective on the product. Moreover, you will find exciting coupons that might help you save some money.

We hope that the review has helped you get a better understanding of what to expect. While Wondershare Filmora will not offer you advanced Virtual Reality tools or multi-cams, you will find a wonderful interface and exciting features as you sign up!

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