How Can I Be A YouTuber: 11 Steps To Help You Become Successful

Are you having your doubts about starting your career on YouTube? Your peers might say that all the hyped internet moguls have already been born and made it. That is true. You have more chances of meeting the president than turning into a YouTube influencer.

However, if you have a solid start and study analytics to time your success, you just might be looking at becoming the next PewDiePie

A YouTuber’s only goal is to create videos that keep their audience engaged. If you have a voice that needs to be shared, we are going to show you how.

How Can I Be A YouTuber: The Only Steps You Need To Follow in 2020

Let's get started.

1. Ensure Determination

Starting out as a YouTuber is tough. Most beginners seem to lack the confidence and throw in the white flag if they’re not happy with the number of viewers. If you think you’ll quit if things don’t turn out your way, don’t stress it.

However, if your guts are solid and you have the determination, realize this: Starting out will take a lot of your time and effort. Being a YouTuber is relevant to making money, but the beginning is all about keeping your audience interested in you and gaining popularity. This is a difficult path, and it’s your path. 

2. Select your niche

Decide on the type of content to create. A specific niche will attract a particular type of audience, and these are the subscribers you will want to make videos for. Choose the content that is related to your interest, hobbies or even your job.

Any video that showcases your knowledge and talent is already something unique that the audience yearns for. Stick to that niche instead of covering a wide range of topics. 

For example, if you know gardening, you can create videos based on gardening tools and useful plants. This way, you’ll be organized and keep a relevant audience interested.

Later on, you can expand your information and create more informative videos that basic YouTubers might not want to study on. You can also highlight news related to your niche and state your opinions to keep your content fresh.

3. Develop your channel goal

How is your channel going to help people? What kind of videos are you trying to make - how-tos, reviews, or descriptions? Instead of trying to skim through everything at once, make similar videos on different topics and diversify from there.

For example, if you’re thinking of reviewing electronic products, start from smartphones, and once you understand what your audience wants, you can slowly move on to other tech gadgets. 

You have to remember to be yourself. Your viewers want to see content with hints of your personality; otherwise, they would’ve just stuck to blogs. Even if you don’t have much of a personality, there’s nothing wrong to amp up your style!

You have to be clear, focused and relevant. You are what your audience wants you to be. Your goals can expand, and directions can flow.

4. Be concise

How do you feel when a random vlogger rambles on about their personality with little information about their actual topic? YouTubers often go overboard when trying to make their videos interesting.

It’s common for them to imitate the sharks and turn a 1-minute video into a good 10 minutes while they get to the point. If you do want to make an intro, don’t elaborate yourself for more than 30-seconds if you wish to keep your viewers.

If you want to elaborate on a topic about the specs and problems, make another one and mention it in your current video. People who want a correct explanation watch more than two or three videos that are precise and offer what they want. Want to be among those three videos? Get to the point. 

5. Analyze your audience

Your channel can make or break, depending on your audience. Always pay attention to what they want and how they respond to each video. Finding out how often they search for your content and when they search it. Instead of sulking around due to negative comments, figure out how you can do better and how other channels are handling similar issues.

Love it or hate it; this is your audience. Want to know more about them, go through what social media they are active in and what other niches they’re interested in. Websites like Think with Google or YouTube trends dashboard can help you in gaining this information.

If you want to receive stats about when your audience is watching you and how often they look you up, you can try Google Analytics. The math is out there. All you need to do is reciprocate.

6. Brainstorm for content

It’s easy to run out of ideas after a few videos. Your channel might start out fun, but it will seem bland as the days go by. First thing you need to do is study your competitors and find out where they’re lagging. You can find more information with a little research and start creating unique videos. Looking into feedback is also a way to learn what your viewers are interested in.

Many YouTubers often counter somewhat popular stars’ opinions and gain overnight success. If you think you can handle that and have the confidence and knowledge, there is no harm in trying it out.

Moreover, skim through YouTubers who have failed to keep up to the crowd or sunk after big hits. Reading their comments and learning from their failures can save you from instances that will make you plunge.

Bring a story into your video that is plausible and doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. Be the one who states news and opinions on relevant fields first. You are the one they should be sharing. If that doesn’t work out either, giveaways can’t be that bad!

7. Stay consistent

Having a good routine assures your subscribers that they’ll be receiving new videos on a regular basis. Being consistent also allows you to plan a clear schedule and work according to plan. You get to learn and achieve small tasks in order to have your next video fully prepared.

Even if you’ve not created a channel yet, you should make arrangements in a calendar to help you stay on track. It doesn’t matter how many videos you’re going to upload, but it matters that Melissa is trusting you to show her how to create a fishtail braid next Friday. While many YouTubers prefer vlogging daily, your schedule is completely your choice.

Sure, releasing vlogs daily with fresh content within your niche can attract more viewers, but the information you possess may not be enough or not well researched enough to create new videos every day.

Plus, if you’re a one-man-army, daily vlogging can be overwhelming. Stick to a schedule, be it once a week or every other week, and inform your viewers when they can expect steady on-brand videos.

8. Suit up

No we are not talking about actual suits but metaphorical suits - Your equipment. Many people wonder how they can become YouTubers if they don’t have the right gear, and just give up before they even.start. Thing is, you don’t need to invest in fancy equipment just yet. You do require some basic essentials, however.

A smartphone with a good camera can help you get started. Getting a suitable microphone to speak during the video can already help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Once you’ve created a decent budget, you can invest in a camera, a tripod, a lighting kit, a screen recorder, sufficient storage and video editing software.

There are free as well as expensive video editing software. Software like iMovie (for Macbook) and Windows Movie Maker provides features that can enhance the outlook of your videos. 

While cheap options like Filmora can add bits and pieces to make your video look different, there are also better options like that create new dimensions to your video by adding graphics. The higher your budget is, the more your viewers would like to engage. 

9. Keep up the Quality

In order to provide information that stands out, you need high-quality videos. A decent attire, with good tech gadgets, might make you look appealing. If you’re not interested in being public, you can hire someone or produce animated videos.

While models can be expensive, animated videos can be a cheaper way to provide fun. These make your information consumable and engaging. and are popular animated video makers for gaming reviews, academic tutorials, marketing products and mentioning lists.

These software programs contain characters that your audience can relate to. Moreover, if you’re looking for ways to make your videos more professional, you can insert animations around your video from The software is also useful to create simulated videos such as chemical processes or wedding events.

Dynamic animations of these reliable software for strings and intros or can bring boldness to your videos in order to look like it was a thousand dollar budget production. If you have good video-editing skills, you can try out some options yourself, and if you have the money, trying out a video editor from the freelancing platforms is a good option.

10. Setup and Optimize Your Channel:

YouTube is a visual platform. Your channel page has to be welcoming and pleasing to the crowd if your intentions are to making them hit that subscribe button. For creating your channel, you first need a catchy name.

If you want to use your own name, add it to a word that sets a harmony. Complete your entire profile, or else people might think you couldn’t bother less. That means adding a profile picture and a good logo. Invest in your logo and insert solid colors that look recognizable and discernable from the rest of your competitors.

A few elements from your logo scattered in and around your channel can help your audience remember you. A high-quality banner image that’s relevant to your brand and also your channel is inviting and offers a more natural appearance. As for the “About” section, if your viewers are international, the English language is approachable.

If you feel you’ll make mistakes, hire someone to create the section for you. It has to be descriptive of your brand, concise and contain keywords that people generally search for. Break the content into parts so that the viewers get the gist by skimming and get to the video.

After you’ve set up your channel, you need to be aware of thumbnails. A high-quality, attractive thumbnail that instantly screams can make all the difference. Presentation is key!

11. Know your SEO

All the content that you see online works on SEO. The ones that aren’t optimized according to search engines are the ones that don’t find their way to your search list. They’re way down at the end and will take continuous taps on next in order for you to find them.

SEOs are really important, and there are plenty of agencies and freelancers who can optimize your channel for you. If you’re just beginning and don’t have the budget, you can try out some basic techniques yourself. Add trending keywords and research what people are interested to know.

If you have a review on D2 steel, your audience may not exactly search for D2 steel but may search with words such as “Best steel for knives” or “Good steel for cutlery”. If you add the right words like knives and cutlery to your channel and mention them in your video, chances are people will find you within the first three pages.

There are, of course, more complexities to this, such as adding the main keyword to the title and trying out more variations. You can also experiment searching with different words related to your video and see if your competitors come up. There are plenty of articles to know more about YouTube SEO.

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2. Doodly

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3. Viddyoze

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Bottom Line

Knowledge, dedication and optimization are necessary if you want to become a successful YouTuber. You will require traffic in social media and create Call to Action for your audience to reach you. So spread the word!