How To Edit Video Length on iPhone (Complete Guide)

The show’s about to start, and everyone is taking out their cameras and smartphones. You need to flaunt your new iPhone as well, so you take it out, thus burning everyone’s eyes. The flaming eyeballs are extinguished, and your niece has finally arrived on stage.

You’re not sure if she wants the entire 7-minute show or just her scene, so you tape the entire show. Now she’s asking you to send her part of the scene. 

Lucky for you, we know How To Edit Video Length on iPhone of your choice. You can now bring a smile to your niece’s pet doggo, who she eagerly wants to show. This article shows you ways on how to make a more precise and smoother edit.

The Photos App:

Despite what the name says, the Photos app is not just for containing and editing photos. The app contains a list of all the videos you have ever recorded and saved on your phone.

It also features a built-in video trimmer or video editor. Then again, there is the iCloud Photo Gallery, where you can sync your items across your other devices.

Benefits of Editing:

Being able to edit video length on iPhone means you can remove the dead area during the beginning, and the camera droop or awkward applause at the end. You also have the choice to save your edits as new clips which you can bring out to watch your favorite parts. 

Having a separately saved smaller clip also allows you to share parts that you want to and not the whole video. You would rather share the segment where you were bringing the house down than when you were mumbling a few words while searching for the script.

So how do you cut out the embarrassing moments of your life and keep the best parts? There are different ways, but we are going to start with the most basic option that lies in the Photos app.

Launching the App: 

In order to reach your clip, you can open the Photos app or Camera app. Going to your gallery through the Camera app is more likely if you want to edit amidst taking pictures and videos. If you are on the main screen, the Photos app is more appropriate. 

Don’t know where the icon is? Swipe down on the home screen and type “Photos.” Tap on the Photo icon, and you will be redirected to the app. Switching to Albums and scrolling to videos lying under Media Types is the most suitable way to find your video.

Locating the Video: 

Search for the video that you would like to edit. If it’s in the main location where the photos and videos are jumbled according to time, look for a thumbnail with a video camera icon. This icon separates it from the photos. Tap on the thumbnail.

Start Editing:

As you tap on the thumbnail, the video begins playing, and you will be able to see different icons such as share, audio, playback, and delete. Then tap “Edit” on the top right corner of the screen. It has three small sliders or horizontal lines.

Trimming Interface:

As you tap and hold on either the left or right side of the timeline located at the bottom, a yellow box will appear, which is the trimming tool. The anchors inside can be dragged to adjust the beginning and stopping time, otherwise cut the parts you don’t want to see. 

You can also tap and keep holding the anchor in order to expand the timeline for accurately editing the video length on your iPhone. Once you have dragged the sliders left and right and trimmed to the length you want to see the clip, you can check to confirm it. Just tap “Play,” and your edited version will play.

The Confirmation:

Once you are assured that this is the correct edited length you want, tap the “Done” button.

Trim Original:

If you want to delete the original video and keep the new one, you can click on “Trim Original.” You will thus permanently edit the original file and lose the areas you removed. This is a good option if you do not ever want to see the untrimmed version.

Save as New Clip:

If you want to keep the actual video file and just want to cut up some parts to view your favorite segments or to share with someone else, you can tap on the “Save as New Clip” button. This will turn the edited version into a copy, and you will get to keep both videos.


After your file is saved, you will be redirected to the video where you will see the “Edit” button on top, which you saw earlier. You can easily click on “Share” located at the bottom of the video if you wish to send it through email, Facebook, iMessage, or upload it on YouTube.

For iOS13:

Saving options in iOS13 is slightly different from general iPhones. The video you trim gets saved to another new file automatically. An “Upload” icon is present that can save the video to Files, add it to an album, duplicate or share the video with AirPlay. 

If you do not like the edit and would like to edit the original video length again, all you have to do is press the “Edit” button and click on Revert. This will remove all the edits you had done and revert your file back to the original version.


If you wish to split videos or cut out unwanted parts from the middle, then you will require third-party applications. Advanced editing options are available that you can use to edit video length on iPhone.

One application is Apple’s iMovie. Quicktime from Mac can also be used to edit videos. Upload the perfect videos!