LastPass Review (2020):‌ ‌The‌ ‌Safest‌ ‌Password‌ ‌Manager‌

In this technological era surfing the internet all time, utilizing multiple accounts to make life easier never seems to stop! And then there comes the uncountable number and combinations of passwords for securities. But the question remains! Can we remember them together?

There are passwords for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, bank accounts, debits, digital currency, and who knows what!

Managing all these accounts together, and always having strong passwords in mind may not be our cup of tea! And if one of them gets hacked, BOOM! Game over for us! And for those who are creating those silly passwords like Sam’s Girl, your game ends faster. 

In today’s world, hackers can even get hold of your most personal details and breach your accounts in a jiffy! All your privacy gets leaked, your pictures become memes, your money gets stolen, in some cases your ID gets listed on the terrorist’s list!

Have you wondered that despite creating these strong passwords, you could do more to secure your accounts? So, it’s time to choose the best password manager for all types of security!  Even if they do get hacked (itsy-bitsy chances), there can be easy ways for you to recover them!

After endless research, from the innumerable password manager software, LastPass is irrevocably the best! Scroll guys, know more! Time to secure your accounts!

Unbiased LastPass Review (2020)

First of all, we have to understand, LastPass is not just a password manager software. This platform has a lot of other features to offer! The vast storage feature stores all your passwords, credit information, digital currency, Wi-Fi passwords, etc. You name it, LastPass has got your back!

Don’t get frightened, seeing so many passwords together! LastPass is easy to understand and easier to use! All you need is a super-strong master password for your LastPass account. And don’t worry! LastPass will rate the strength of your passwords and look for duplication or any other issues! 

Listen to the GOOD NEWS! LastPass provides multiple levels of security that contains military-standard encryption and reviewing passwords through the entire password vault! So, you think hackers will ever get access to your accounts! Dream for the hackers! The payment scheme goes like this:

  • LastPass Free Version
  • LastPass Premium ($3 per month)
  • LastPass Family ($4 per month)
  • LastPass Team ($4 per month)

However, the free version of LastPass app in the mobile does not have a lot of facilities to offer!

Product Design and Quality:

LastPass uses the bank-standard AES 256-bit encryption. With this level of encryption, not even LastPass can access your data! This app also has two-factor verification activated that alerts you before a login from an unknown device.

LastPass also features multi-factor verification apps for extended security. They will generate codes that must be used along with your master password to get access to your vault.

So, accidentally if your master password gets leaked, without the code nobody can access! Besides, if you have to use a public computer LastPass allows you to use OTPs! 

Once you enter a password or review an account, LastPass stores them all. Now, enjoy the satisfactory securities in sharing passwords. Of course, you can do it!

All LastPass does is, it sends an e-mail and password shared. If you don’t want people to know your passwords, but give them access for a limited time, LastPass allows that too!

This is a tremendous advantage for businessmen! What I love is there are such cute password icons in the vault! Now you don’t have to spend hours scrolling on the massive count of passwords! 

Next comes the Autofill function! Whenever it recognizes a login from a different site, it automatically stores the username and password! However, if users get scammed in a phishing site, your information could get stolen.

So be careful of your logins! But you can turn off the Autofill feature! The most incredible feature is the automatic changing of passwords! You don’t need to type huge URLs and get on a site to change passwords! Do it from LastPass! You can also turn off login attempts from other countries for increased security. 

The password generator in LastPass prompts you to use a strong password along with rating your password whenever you open an account! LastPass also scans all your logins for potential risks or shows if they were ever compromised!

Besides, you can also add emergency logins. Just set the user and the waiting time. All you need to do is approve. Fail to approve the login in the determined waiting-time,  will result in automatic login of your emergency contact!

LastPass Specs

  • Secure Notes- Yes
  • Filling Web Forms- Yes
  • Multiple Form Identities- Yes
  • Strength Report- Yes
  • Application Passwords- Yes
  • Digital Inheritance- Yes
  • Password Sharing- Yes
  • Password Capture- Yes
  • Password Generator- Yes
  • Compatibility- Universal (iOS, Android, Microsoft, Linux, macOS)


  • Can be used free
  • Simple usage
  • Streamlined sharing
  • Security challenge
  • Great business facilities
  • Not that expensive


  • No VPN subscription
  • Slow customer service
  • Outdated design
  • Non-refundable 

Should I Trust LastPass?

I think it could be the most reliable password manager app that you can have. The security, encryption, multiple authentications, OTP facility, advanced administrating controls, password generation, etc. are just too many offers from a single software.

Try finding another password managing software with these many facilities! Even now, LastPass is developing for the maximum provision!


For business admins or IT management, with military-grade safety, LastPass is the best password manager that exists! The additional tools, proficient account recovery options, the one-click feature, etc., is just too much for such an affordable price.

Not that the free version is horrible, or your security can be breached, but switch to the premium version! You can enjoy more advanced features here!

LastPass is the best choice compared to other password managers! Go for it!

Coupons for LastPass: Great Discounts for All

Have you ever felt the tendency of your information getting leaked? Or those embarrassing pictures with the girls on the beach going viral? And before you know, you are a meme lord! Look further!

Somebody is using your credit cards or digital currencies for that expensive shopping or for dark web browsing! Mails are getting hacked, your information is going public, illegal activities are reported from your accounts, and what not!

Sounds humiliating and dangerous too! Why is this happening? Because of your weak passwords and not having the best password security.

What is LastPass?

LastPass is one of the best password managers in the market currently! It not only stores all your passwords in the vault for you but protects them as well! Two-factor authentication to multi-factor authentication, LastPass supports all! Along with the password features, you get a whole lot of additional tools! That includes:

  • Digital legacy
  • Automatic password changing without logging in a site 
  • One-click log in option
  • Rating your passwords for the best security
  • Sharing accounts without sharing passwords
  • Emergency access
  • OTP (one-time-password) login in public computers
  • Autofill from browsers
  • Filling web forms

Tell me who wouldn’t want a password manager having so many tools? You know what? You can use this app like magic in all your phones and computers!

LastPass is universally compatible too! Be it iOS, Android, Linux, Microsoft, macOS, use LastPass everywhere! You can discover astonishing coupons and discounts also from the official website of LastPass.

Is LastPass safe?

LastPass uses military-grade security or bank-grade security. And the possibility of banking information or military information getting leaked is less than rare. Unless you are into movies of-course, LastPass encrypts all your passwords!

So, it becomes quite impossible for hackers, even LastPass, to decrypt your passwords. LastPass guarantees the safety of your accounts. However, for the best results, use the desktop version and extensions. The phone version may not provide all utilities.  

Payment Scheme in LastPass

There are several payment schemes in LastPass that you can use. Depending on the level of upgrades and payment, users will vary.

LastPass Free Version

This is an entirely free version. It accommodates only one user. Here you get cross-platform for password vault, auto-filling capacities password generator, and many more that you usually don’t get in a free version. The free version doesn’t offer any coupons or discounts. But you can upgrade to the premium version for a 30-days free trial.

LastPass Premium Version

The LastPass Premium version costs $3 per month. Along with the features from the free version, here you get multi-factor options, emergency access options, dark web inspection, 1 GB storage facility, etc.

You can find a lot of coupons and discounts for upgrades and other shopping in the premium version because $36 a year and costs for an upgrade may not be cheap. 

LastPass Family Version

This version accommodates six users at a time. It costs $4 a month that rounds up to $48 per year. Here you can directly connect with the family dashboard of LastPass, share folders, and many more! Look at shopping for coupons or discounts.

Besides, there is the LastPass team, LastPass MFA, which can get expensive with time. 

LastPass Deals

If you are looking for something to enjoy snag-free and direct web shopping, try LastPass. LastPass works with the best organizations for stock management and gives you what you are looking for!

At the best expenses and the best qualities, LastPass made electronic shopping really interesting. LastPass also delivers for free no matter what part of the world you are at! LastPass also offers Cash on Delivery if you don’t have a medium of digital payment.

If you are not satisfied with the products, LastPass offers a 7-day free trial. LastPass also accepts competitor coupons. Shopping is safe and fun with LastPass coupon deals!

LastPass Discounts for

There are many users to whom LastPass offers direct discounts:

  • To the students
  • To the military
  • To the seniors
  • Birthday discounts
  • Competitor discounts

Websites for LastPass Coupons

There are no specific websites for availing the LastPass coupons or deals. The best way to claim coupons or discounts is to search for them over the internet or by visiting their official website.

You can also get great LastPass coupon deals on Besides, there are some hot deals from for thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other occasion.

Remember to claim the codes when visiting websites for coupons. All you need to do is copy the code and paste on and enjoy unbelievable discounts on many shopping sites.

Shopping Sites to Which LastPass Coupons Apply:

  • 5% discount for any purchase on Toolsfarm
  • 35% discount on the next order on Southtree
  • 15% discount on any purchase on Movavi
  • 10% discount on any order at PortraitPro

All you need to do is choose your product, add to cart, apply promo code, BOOM! The discount amount gets deducted from the total! Can you believe it? Such deals for shopping and that too from a password manager app. Honestly, LastPass rocks!

LastPass Buying Deals

Though LastPass seems quite cheap, who wouldn’t want a bit of discount in their software purchases? At least, I would as I have loads of hunger for discounts!

Therefore, sites like Amazon or eBay offer a great deal of discounts and some free updates when you are ordering from them. You can enjoy discounts up to 30% and get the paying version of the software at a very cheap rate.

For more hot deals, visit and avail your desired discounts.

Besides, other websites like Coupons, Honey, etc. may give you many coupons from LastPass. 


LastPass offers maximum password security and great deals of discounts and coupons, too, for you guys. I say go for it!