ProWritingAid Review (2020): Become A Better Writer Today!

In our personal and professional life, we often face embarrassing situations that can be easily avoided. Refraining from making common grammar mistakes in our daily writings is one of them.

Whether you’re an undergraduate student who is writing a paper on the Doppler Effect or, you’re a column writer who needs to hand in their next work ASAP – take a couple of minutes and put your paper through the ProWritingAid software. It’s a grammar checker that operates as your very own grammar coach to keep you from making silly mistakes.

We unknowingly make some grammatical errors that may not seem like a big deal but can seem quite unprofessional no matter where you hand it in. Also, incorrect grammar can easily break the flow and cause readers to frown as they read your paper.  

Let’s not forget about the Grammar Nazis! Their only goal is to nitpick on whatever a person says or writes to find grammar errors. All they want to do is show off their knowledge and demean the person standing before them.

These Grammar Nazis are the ones who can make you feel embarrassed in a situation by making a big deal out of your “who” and “whom” inputs where it can be just a typo.

ProWritingAid Review: What It Is

Proofreading or scanning through your finished work won’t help you detect the little grammar mistakes. You can seek help from ProWritingAid, which is one of the best grammar checker tools out there. In this day and age, people rarely use pen and paper to write down their words- whether it’s their thoughts, a book report, or the draft for their next screenplay.

When you’re typing out the words in a document file, the writing tool can already detect when you misspell a word or make some very basic mistakes. People mostly use Microsoft Word Document or Google Docs to write their stuff.

These applications can detect the spelling errors but, for a proper grammar check, you need an additional tool that can help you avoid facing embarrassments for inputting the wrong preposition.

ProWritingAid scans your document file and highlights the errors. It then shows the correct suggestions for those highlighted words so you can input them and make your document as grammatically correct as possible.

It’s a useful tool for people who write online. Whether you’re a copywriter, a blogger, a reviewer, or just a writer in general- you can use ProWritingAid to proofread your writings.

The tool can help you improve your vocabulary, avoid making punctuation mistakes, input the perfect quantifier, and so on. It’s not just on your computer; you can use the tool on your Android and iOS devices as well.

The tool can also be added as an extension in your office to detect the errors more easily. Practice the use of correct grammar in every aspect of your life- whether you’re writing a report for your office or sending out a tweet. ProWritingAid can check everything for you and fix them before you can make a fool out of yourself.

ProWritingAid Features

You might think grammar checking is the only function of ProWritingAid. You couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, it’s the main feature but the tool comes with a lot more impressive ones. Let’s take a look:

1. Real-Time Suggestion and Correction

Instead of inputting the entire document file at once, you can detect the errors as you write. ProWritingAid comes with a real-time suggestion that keeps suggesting changes you can make to your writing to make it look cleaner and smarter.

With the tool’s grammar-checking tool working in real-time, it can read what you write and highlights the mistakes you make. This can help you learn better so you won’t repeat the mistake in the future.

The tool can detect wrong punctuations, spellings and grammar errors. ProWritingAid doesn’t just correct the mistakes and offer random suggestions to help you improve your writing – it provides explanations for each of the suggestions and corrections to help you understand where you made the mistake. So it’s not just a proofreading tool, it’s a learning tool as well.

2. ProWritingAid- Widely Compatible

As we already mentioned, ProWritingAid is not just a tool that you can use online. It works on any device that you might own. It supports Android, Windows, and Mac.

You can use it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, notebook, and smartphone. You can use this on any of these devices you feel comfortable writing on. ProWritingAidcan can also be added as an extension in browsers so you can detect your documents files for errors before you submit them.

The tool easily integrates with any of the word processors you might use for writing- whether it’s Microsoft Word, Google Docs or WordPerfect- ProWritingAid can work in real-time to point out the mistakes you make as you write.

This wide compatibility of the tool is obviously a beneficial feature since people can be very diverse when it comes to using technology products. It’s not mandatory for everyone to feel at ease with the same operating system. If you’re a developer, you can use the web API of ProWritingAid to make it integrate with your very own app. So yes, the compatibility here knows no bounds.  

3. Detailed Reports

ProWritingAid is a tool that helps by checking your writings for grammatical errors. This might be the primary mission but, wouldn’t you like to make improvements overall? We already mentioned that ProWritingAid has a real-time suggestion system that keeps making suggestions as you write to help you improve your writing style.

It’s like having a private tutor of your own who guides you into being a better writer. Receiving tips and suggestions is not enough- you need context and reports.

ProWritingAid has an analyzer system that scans your writing to suggest potential improvements that can help shape your writing in a better way. Your writing style can drastically improve over time if you keep analyzing these suggestions.

ProWritingAid also provides reports on the suggestions that cover all sides of a person’s writing. The reports talk about in detail about the grammar, engagement, redundancy, etc. in your writings so you know exactly which points you need to address. ProWritingAid is the guide to turn you into a better writer.

4. Word Explorer

People often get stuck while writing a piece. There have been some bad cases of writer’s block experienced by renowned writers. Also, you might want to experiment with words a little more but your vocabulary seems all used up. ProWritingAid has a word explorer that you can use to find everything you can possibly need to write your desired piece.

Word processors have thesaurus most of the time, but this word explorer is a thesaurus as well as a dictionary. It’s an entire library on its own. The explorer can easily find words that are contextually related to make your writing more unique. It can also draw examples from songs, quotes, poetry, poems, etc.

5. Free Plan

If you’re skeptical about spending money on this tool right now, it’s completely understandable. That’s why ProWritingAid has a free plan that anyone can use. This plan won’t cost you a single penny. You can get more than a decent idea about how the tool works so you can decide whether to upgrade to a paid plan or not.

ProWritingAid Free vs Premium

The basic free version of ProWritingAid is used by the most number of users. But, the paid ones do have something extra to offer. You can see what each plan has to offer so you can ultimately decide which plan is best for you.

ProWritingAid Free Plan

  • Summary reports on the key issues
  • Offers up to 19 writing reports
  • Can edit 500 words at once
  • Only for online use

ProWritingAid Premium Plan

  • Everything you get from the free plan
  • No limit on word editing
  • You can enjoy the desktop version
  • Integrations available for word processors like- Microsoft  Word, Google Docs, WordPerfect and Chrome

ProWritingAid Premium+ Plan

  • Everything from the Premium plan
  • Run 50 plagiarism checks every year
  • Ideal for academics (a plagiarism checker)

ProWritingAid Plans and Pricing

The free plan has all the basic features one might need from a tool such as ProWritingAid. But, if you need something more, you can go for a paid plan. Take a look at the pricing below to know how much you’ll have to pay in a certain time:

Premium Plan

  • 1 year = $60
  • 2 year = $90
  • 3 year = $120
  • Lifetime = $210

Premium+ Plan

  • 1 year = $70
  • 2 year = $110
  • 3 year = $150
  • Lifetime = $320

Final Words

If this ProWritingAid review helped you feel driven towards using ProWritingAid as your primary grammar checking tool, make sure you share it with others who might be in the same state as you.

You cannot be the only one who wants to avoid catching the eyes of the Grammar Nazis whenever they write something. Sharing is caring- so, show that you care.