Toonly Review: All You Need to Know

Whether you're an entrepreneur getting started with a new business or a lifestyle blogger with plenty of tips up your sleeves, Toonly can take you to new heights in what you do. For starters, you can create unique animated explainer videos to reach more audience and prospects.

Not only are they enjoyable but also precise in giving the information to your followers, students, and customers. When it comes to creating short lessons and advertisements, providing cooking and health tips, sharing news about the latest tech, or simply breaking down a difficult topic into easy one-liners, animated explainer videos steal the show every time. 

While making animated explainer videos to introduce a new product is an excellent way to market your services, some designer tools are quite complicated to grasp.

Luckily, with Toonly, making videos take a few simple steps. Without further ado, let's get to know all about this tool in our in-depth Toonly review + special discount codes to help you save more.

What is Toonly? 

Nothing compares to enjoying a well-made animated video on a topic we like. And when it comes to choosing a product, instead of scrolling down words in black and white, we prefer a fun video packed with all the information we need.

Much like how we never read the user manual but patiently sit through a review video, animation captivates us more than anything else. In the same way, if you have some interesting information to dissipate, piling them up in chunky paragraphs and expecting to reach a broad audience is a daydream.  

This is where Toonly comes to save the day. Getting started with animation is now easier than ever; not to mention, a lot more budget-friendly than you would have thought. Toonly is a user-friendly animated video creation software with a wide range of templates and controls. It has some excellent video layouts that are frequently updated, so your videos never get boring.

For example, Toonly's easy interface allows you to drag and drop interesting props on your videos from its rich library. It eliminates those lengthy steps of making everything in a video from scratch.

You can customize everything and give your voice to the characters with Toonly's voice-over feature. Just like the prop and template library, the audio packs are equally enriched with music tracks. They can add to the vibe you're going for and help your customers get the feel of a professionally made video.  

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  • 82 Characters
  • 2,024 Prop Images
  • 142 Background Audios
  • Invitation To Toonly
    Facebook Group
  • Create Unlimited Videos

How Does Toonly Work? 

Creating an animated video can be done smoothly in a minimum amount of time. You can enjoy great versatility besides a wide range of options to add as much value as you want in your videos. A skilled group of graphic designers works round the clock to update Toonly regularly.

So, it's never commonplace, and no matter the number of Toonly users, the massive customization features allow you to style your videos and make them stand out!      

First, you have to settle on the theme of your explainer video. Depending on whether your content is educational, advertising, entertainment, problem-solving, introductory, promotional, or charitable, you can choose a suitable background from a versatile category.

Next up, navigate the character, image, and prop collection and drag them across the background as you like to create the layout. 

After that, you can add free music tracks and royalty-free audio files to your video. You also have the option to record your voice or upload a voice-over and sync the audio to your animation video. You can import audio files from other programs as well while adding sufficient texts to back the explainer video.   

And for the last step, you’ll face no hassle saving or exporting the final clip to your website, social media, Youtube, or any other place. Toonly supports various resolutions such as 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 4K etc. and 24fps to 60fps file sizes.  

Using Toonly for marketing your products or getting the word around will be the most easy step in your business. As an online tutor or service provider, you can summarise your plans and share tips through a Toonly animation video.

And as we’ve already laid out its user guide, you already know how easy it is to make your first Toonly video!  

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  • 82 Characters
  • 2,024 Prop Images
  • 142 Background Audios
  • Invitation To Toonly
    Facebook Group
  • Create Unlimited Videos

Is Toonly Worth It? 

Toonly has a huge collection of premade scenes to get you started. Revamping your content and expressing them the way people like won't require hiring an expensive digital marketer or freelancer.

If you can spare some time, especially when you're a new business starter and money is an issue, a Toonly subscription can help you in so many ways!

Below, we’re highlighting some Toonly features that make it the best-animated video creator you can get your hands on!

1. Engaging Explainer Videos

You don't need to have the programming know-how to navigate Toonly and put its designer tools to use. Toonly caters to people like us who want to climb up the ladder fast without drilling a hole in our wallets.

Besides, enrolling in graphic design or video editing courses to creating decent content for your business is both time-consuming and expensive. 

Toonly helps you cut down costs and time while making remarkable animated explainer videos like a pro!

2. A Rich Character & Props Library

On Toonly, you’ll get 30 animated characters, and each of them comes with 17 poses to fit the vibe of your videos. That said, you have a total of 510 animated characters to make engaging content for your audience. Since they’re not stock photos, your content will stay original.

Moving on to the props, Toonly's collection is ample for making creative videos and getting rid of redundancy. With Toonly, you also have a generous mix of 81 scenes and backgrounds to take your storytelling to the next level.

3. Excellent Compatibility

Toonly, the one of a kind animated explainer video creation software, helps you make videos in different resolutions and sizes in MP4 format. Even 4K animated videos can be made on Toonly.

Exporting them to your social media platforms or sending the videos to a client over email is also pretty easy.

Toonly is compatible with PC and Mac, and the best part is, you don't need to buy licenses for using the video creator on your different computers and laptops. One Toonly subscription covers all your devices.

4. Straightforward Features

The drag-and-drop feature on Toonly is excellent when it comes to making videos, especially if you're new at it. Even if you have some experience with animation, you'll be amazed to see how convenient Toonly is.

Updating content on your channel fast is made possible with Toonly's premade scenes. Background, characters, and props make up each of the 50+ scenes, so you have everything in one go. 

5. Easy Voiceover Sync

Adding audio to your animation will engage the viewers in a better way. Keeping that in mind, Toonly syncs your uploaded audio to the animated characters' speaking, making it look professional.

It’s an excellent feature for informational videos. When voice-over isn’t necessary, you can browse Toonly's music library to add tunes that go well with your video.

6. Versatile Use

The sophisticated animator tools on Toonly can serve all types of businesses and niches. Browsing its rich library will help you find the best props and backgrounds for your videos.

On Toonly, you have a lot of options to work with and send your message in the best possible way.

7. Customer Support

If you still face difficulty navigating the software, you'll be happy to know that it offers many step-by-step tutorials to cover all you need to know about Toonly.

Moreover, the active customer support team is ready to answer any question that you may have, so is the private Toonly group on Facebook.

Toonly Coupon

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  • 82 Characters
  • 2,024 Prop Images
  • 142 Background Audios
  • Invitation To Toonly
    Facebook Group
  • Create Unlimited Videos

Advantages of Using Toonly 

Let's face it: our attention span is getting shorter by the day. And if we don't see interesting content within a few seconds, chances are that we'll end up doing what we do best – scroll down, move on and forget it ever existed. 

Toonly helps you overcome these problems by creating super likable videos that hook viewers at first glance. "Is that even possible?" you ask. 

Well, aren't we the same people staring at such videos at 2 in the morning for no apparent reason?

Freelance Graphic Designing

What we like about Toonly is the fact that although you won't be creating the avatars or backgrounds yourself, not once will you feel that your creativity is facing constraints because there’s plenty of room for making changes, and in a short time, your animated video will be right where it needs to be. 

That said, as a freelance graphic designer, Toonly is a smart investment for making money if you pick up the manual graphic skills and professional graphic design software like Adobe InDesign, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, AutoDesk Maya, etc.

Running a Small Business

Advertising your products and letting people know about them on social media can be done on many different levels. But you want to engage them in a nice video so that they opt for visiting your store both online and offline.

This way, fashion designers, boutique owners, jewelers, woodworkers, painters, crocheters can kick-start their creative venture.   

Service providers such as fitness coaches, dentists, masseuses, real estate agents, chiropractors, and many more can market their valuable services in order to reach their target audience better.

Since animated explainer videos are the best for getting more people to share your posts on Facebook, Toonly can be suitable for your business.

Education & Awareness Programs

Posting a short animated clip can help you convey your message, tips, and tricks in the best way. Your followers can enjoy animation, written pointers, and listen to them at the same time. You cannot only prove your worth but also get a lot of people to sign up for special courses on your website. 

If you take weight loss and diet programs, yoga sessions, language classes, knitting, dancing and singing classes, etc., then Toonly will help you give the viewers a gist of what you can offer and your approach to certain topics and solutions.

Awareness about health, nature, animal care, illness, mental health, pandemic, etc. can be best conveyed through animated explainer videos, and you can make them so easily on Toonly!

IT & Human Resources

IT-related stuff aren’t the easiest topics on the internet. That said, IT companies can benefit from animated explainer videos for making easy-to-understand tutorials.

Skipping the tech jargon that scares people away and making helpful tutorials on Toonly can increase your sales as an IT company and make your business thrive.

A human resources team can also put Toonly to use. When it comes to introducing new policies, educating the employees on important topics, or giving interesting company presentations, animated explainer videos can make it all a huge success.

Social Media & B2B Marketing 

Attracting new clients and retaining the present ones with regular content will no longer take most of your time. With a Toonly subscription, you can make the best Facebook advertisements that people will like to see.

Sharing the benefits of a certain product through an engaging explainer video will prompt the viewers to check out your page or website for more collections. Toonly helps you bring down the customer acquisition costs to a great extent. 

Moving on to B2B sales, if you have a business and a Toonly subscription in your hand, you can make your offers look attractive and valuable through an explainer video. Most business stakeholders watch videos to see what services you provide.

Packing all the information in a few seconds' clip in an engaging way boosts your chance at making new deals every day. 

Crowdfunding & Nonprofits

A well-made Toonly video can bring out the best in your story and compel the viewers to help your cause. When there are big charitable organizations all around, raising money for your fundraiser might be difficult.

With Toonly, you can recruit volunteers, explain what your organization stands for and what it does, and, finally, request donations. Toonly videos will also boost your social media presence and help the audience trust you. 

Toonly Coupon

Save up to 49% off with our exclusive Toonly coupon code

  • 82 Characters
  • 2,024 Prop Images
  • 142 Background Audios
  • Invitation To Toonly
    Facebook Group
  • Create Unlimited Videos

The Best Toonly Deals Right Now 

Toonly isn’t only the best user-friendly explainer video creator in the market, but it is also very affordable. Right now, Toonly offers two packages - Standard and Enterprise. 

You can use both Toonly's Standard and Enterprise packages on multiple computers and make unlimited videos. Upon subscription, you get an invitation to the Toonly Facebook group.

It’s an amazing platform to get pointers on this versatile software. Not to mention, the global Toonly users and graphics designers can inspire you along your journey.

Let's get to know about the best Toonly deals available right now!

Toonly Standard

The Toonly Standard pack comes at $39 a month. You get 30 character images with 17 animated poses each, 1058 props, 71 backgrounds, 20 background audios, 21 scene transitions, and 10 premade scenes! 

This standard deal doesn’t grant access to the Toonly Club, where new characters and props are updated monthly.

Toonly Enterprise

Next up, we have the Toonly Enterprise package available at only $69 a month. With a whopping number of 82 characters and 30 animated poses each, the Enterprise deal is the best for businesses, without a doubt.

2024 prop images, 139 backgrounds, 142 background audios, 101 scene transitions, and 20 premade scenes make Toony's Enterprise pack the best explainer video making tool ever made!

That's not all; new props and characters are updated every month on the Toonly club. So, get ready to enjoy a stonking follower count and expand your customer base in the shortest time.

Toonly Lifetime Offer

Getting the Toonly lifetime or one-time purchase offer is indeed an economical solution for you. Buy the Toonly Standard pack for $67 with the option to purchase the Enterprise license for a one time fee of $97.

The lifetime Enterprise license is not a stand-alone offer. Buying the lifetime Toonly standard package makes you eligible for the lifetime Enterprise offer.   

So, the Toonly lifetime Enterprise package will cost you a total of $164, and there are no extra charges!

Best Toonly Alternatives To Consider  

Toonly has some pretty amazing alternatives such as Magisto, Powtoon, Filmora, Introbrand, etc. 

Powtoon has a vast library of exclusively designed templates, characters, props, scenes, videos, and soundtracks. Uploading your videos, photos, GIFs, and voice overs can also be done in a jiffy. 

What we liked about Powtoon is that the paid packages come with cloud storage and diverse editing tools. Although pricier than Toonly, Powtoon lets you create animated HD videos from 10 to 30 minutes long! 

Magisto isn’t an animated explainer video creator. Available as a software and an application, Magisto helps edit your videos and has a huge collection of high-quality stock photos and videos.

It's a great choice for promoting brand awareness, generating leads, and increasing sales in your business. Magisto's pricing is very reasonable as well.        

Final Words   

In the stream of new businesses, having your business up and running at the end of the day calls for strategic marketing, creativity, and excellent content creation.

And Toonly can give you exactly that! Create the best-animated explainer videos with Toonly and see your business grow. We hope our in-depth Toonly review was of help to you!