Top 10 Electric Dirt Bikes of 2020 (Review + Buying Guide)

Electric dirt bikes are one of the undisputed vehicles in the world. They are little and spry with a lot of intensity for rock bouncing. They do alright on the asphalt, yet they truly begin to show their pleasant side in free earth and rock. These bicycles are made for hitting trails and diving deep.

Be that as it may, dirt bicycles are so uproarious they can startle creatures and individuals the same. As great as it would be, a dirt biker is normally by all accounts, not the only individual attempting to appreciate a little nature. The calm of the electric dirt bikes gives it an entirely different range of abilities.

Presently you can explore a rough terrain trail without agonizing over frightening each creature pithing a mile range. Additionally, it’s much simpler for people to impart their path to approach quiet dirt bicycles rather than hoping for something that wouldn’t serve you convenience.

Electrification is the right approach to saving a great deal of energy and not having to compromise your leisurely trips.

Why switch to electric dirt bikes?

Simply so, it comes up with a range of possibilities and benefits that would make your life much easier, with great maintenance and battery swapping technology, these electric bikes are a real game-changer.


Electric cruisers require a small amount of support from their motorized counterparts- no oil changes, coolants, sparkle plugs, or motor administrations.

That is, sparing goes ahead of an effectively diminished running expense from not requiring fuel. This demonstrates a genuinely decent side of charging dirt bicycles. Less support implies more path time. 

Electric force power:

While an ignition engine gets its most productive force in a restricted sweet spot RPM extends, an electric dirt bicycle is unique. An electric dirt bicycle can utilize the entirety of their capacity quickly.

It’s finished, and it’s the point at which you need it – these bikes have some cool capacities. Set in an off-road setting, this quick force augments the ability to defeat more severe impediments. 

Battery swapping technology:

Since a dirt bicycle doesn’t require close to as robust a battery as a vehicle, there is the alternative for trading one exhausted battery out for a new one. Along these lines, while charging may not generally be a choice in the backwoods, you can keep your extra battery in your truck. Simply return to supply it when your range starts to lessen. 

Head to kickstart:

With the development of electric dirt bikes, we start to bid farewell to some significant time-frame propensities and standards—one of them being the need to launch your dirt bicycle. With a burning engine, launching is vital.

For a considerable length of time, kids have been moving in the direction of the day that they can at last launch their bicycle without assistance – demonstrating that they are prepared to ride.

Be that as it may, since electric dirt bikes have hit the streets, this soul-changing experience will, in the long run, vanish. As electrics take over, launching will turn out to be increasingly older for cruisers. 

Electric dirt bikes are a distinct advantage:

The jolt of the well-known dirt bicycle will be a genuine distinct advantage, changing intricate details of the whole business.

The commotion, the upkeep, the force, the alternative for battery trading, and the eliminating of the launch will see continuous yet huge up turns for dirt biking.  

Overview: Best Electric Dirt Bikes

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NAKTO 26" 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle

made with high-quality material, strong carbon steel frame, and comfort shock absorption

6-speed transmission system with high-quality brake and gear shift

contains removable 10AH lithium battery

250W high-speed gearless motor

Assisted with two working modes



43V 500W Electric Bicycles Mid Motor

powerful speed range of 30-38km per hour

equipped with low power consumption

45V 12.5AH lithium battery

tire measurement: 27.5 inch

protective circuit brake control system

no. of cycling modes: three

9 levels and 9 speed on display

HMI display: CA01 display

Net weight: 32.5 kg

charge times: 5-6 times



PHASFBJ Electric Snow Bike

27 speed transmission system

A robust frame with an aluminum set, durable and suits all weather conditions

48V 14AH lithium battery

capacity of riding 25km per hour

contains rear and front mechanical disc brakes

less drag as it’s equipped with double-walled rims

contains three work models including E-bike, auxiliary wheel, and normal bike.

combined with smart meter buttons

350W motor


Sur-Ron MX

Sur-Ron MX

contains front suspension fork eliminate bumps

Easy height adjustment with tool-free adjustable seat post

21 speed uphill climbing capacity

alloy steel with matte black finish

Comes with a kickstand

contains slight-rise handle-bar

built with a Panasonic battery

mileage range: 62

Speed range: 45 MPH


2020 KTM Freeride

2020 KTM Freeride E-XC

Weight: 244.7 lbs.

no. of power modes: three

18 rear wheels and 21 in front wheel

kickstand, no clutch and foot brakes

frame composition in rear form’

charging time: 1.3 hours

HP max: 24.5

promotes zero emission

fitted with Xplor 43 and PDS WP shock rear

Electric ECU comes with water cooling system


2020 ZERO FX ZF7.2

2020 ZERO FX ZF7.2 + ZF3.6

functional with an electric power train

integrated battery system

torque: 46 hp

91 miles/hour

swappable battery system with ultra-fast recharge

can be switched with eco and sport mode


Kuberg FreeRider Electric Dirt Bike

Kuberg FreeRider Electric Dirt Bike

contains both front and rear tire sizes being 26 and 24, respectively.

very lightweight and easy to drive in rocky roads

speeding range: 34 MPH

item weight: 79 lbs

includes front forks and rear forks

Comes with pro brakes, tires, and suspension


Electric Motion EM 5.7 Escape Dirt Bike

Electric Motion EM 5.7 Escape Dirt Bike

Excellent durability and tenacity

Maximum speeding range of about 43 MPH

Run time: 110-200 minutes

No. of power map settings: 3

includes great suspension, torque and brakes

Made with high quality alloy

Comes with a recharge button

battery power usage: 40AH


Kuberg Cross hero Electric Dirt Bike

Kuberg Cross Hero

Comes with adjustable speed and power

includes quality disc brakes

built with front and rear brakes

runs with 3000 Watt volt

weight of frame: 770 lbs

Front and rear forks are built with air shocks

comes with 2 hours run time

Maximum speed range of 17 MPH


Razor SX500 McGrath Green

Razor SX500 McGrath Green

Maximum speed range: 15 MPH

Available with front and rear brakes, as well as forks

traction functioning knobby tires attached

built with front and disc brakes

Run time: 40 minutes


Top 10 Best Electric Dirt Bikes (Review)

1. NAKTO 26” 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle (Best overall)


With LED headlamp and quality gear features, this product stands firm in being one of the most desired bikes of all time. The material that comes with seat post as well as the built-in, is something to look ahead when you’re purchasing this product.

It not only contains shock absorption but has an unyielding carbon steel fork. With much of the bike having customized brake styles with front V and ear expansion, this dirt bike is fitted to adventure tops and hikes, from rocky roads to mainland highways.

If you thought that the speed transmission would be a limitation in your way to ride away from mounds to parts, you’d be thrilled to know that NATKO 26’ has a leveled system of 6-speed transmission rate, which allows you to customize your speed range and travel in ease.

The fantastic modes combining E-bike and bicycle allows you to experiment within busy travels to daytime hiking with friends. It’s just that easy to swap between modes to travel, exercise and even, compete!

The speed throttle gives you the sanity of maintaining your modes and enjoy hours with your NAKTO 26’. Don’t be fooled, assuming it’s only going to serve you best at daylight, it is highly functional and fun to ride during night time with its premium LED headlamp.

It won’t just be fun, but be safe to ride around from the neighborhoods to the corners of different valleys.


  • Runs 30-40 km per hour
  • Available with a variable throttle speed shifter
  • Brushless gear and fully functioning brakes
  • Comes with 10AH rechargeable lithium battery
  • LED headlamp assists nighttime drives


  • need to assemble front wheel and handle-bars

2. 43V 500W Electric Bicycles Mid Motor


Assisted with three different cycling techniques, this 500W electric motor has a healthy torque and is built with a powerful dynamic that helps with a speed range up to 30-38 km per hour.

You’d enjoy the long rides with its firmness of holding together a great alloy frame and an adamantine 27.5inch tire. You might want to know the fascinating feature of this particular product that efficiently fights off with muddy and turbid surfaces.

So now you don’t have to worry walking through the murky roads and bathe your shoes in dirt, because your dirt bike tires are your superhero in disguise.

It’s not just the tires that fit the best to protect you from different day to day adversities but more so the hydraulic disc brake control that contains protective circuits and rear fork with full suspension. 

You’re easy on your way to anywhere your heart desire, and you don’t need to stress about speeding at all as the rear fork suspension reduces any kind of disruption off a pass and responds immediately to any kind of road condition.

The cycling mode is also drafted and polished with 9 speed and 9 assistant levels on display securing your speed limit. With the speed sensor attached to it, it’d be now a joy to roam around city lights or hustle on a busy morning with your dirtbike.


  • Efficient with waterproof battery charging capacity
  • battery health: compact size and removable
  • longer mileage
  • comes with vector controller
  • low power consumption mode
  • Material built with durable aluminum frame
  • Contains wide spread knobby tread to provide traction


  • Does not include front fork

3. PHASFBJ Electric Snow Bike


With a flexible and sturdy 350W motor that can reach up to a speeding range of 80 to 100km at the peak of 25km per hour, this model is hands-on with a robust frame that is made up of aluminum alloy and is super moving.

The fascinating feature of this model makes you believe best in rims, that is, it comes with double-walled rims and so you’re free from the lengthy drags, and can recline to free and faster rides to your destination.

This model particularly works with 3 different modes providing lenience in each. The first mode makes up for an E-bike errand that can readily be used for propulsion, drive around stiff road and highways, and get assisted with a powerful range of speed.

The second features auxiliary wheel, which you can keep or remove at your convenience. The third one goes for a normal bike mode, which does a favor of not making things complicated and lets you enjoy your ride with full freedom.

This bike comes with a smart meter button for monitoring and selecting your electric powers and shield as required. The brakes are flexible according to all road conditions and respond simultaneously as a high shielding mechanism.

Your comfortable ride with LED headlights and 27-speed range transmission wouldn’t just be a will anymore that you opt to live, but is rather now possible with the 48V PASDFBJ electric bike.


  • Comes with bright LED controllable lights
  • Contains large tires and sporty handle-bars
  • Has a high mountain climbing capacity with increased range and adaptability of terrain
  • Removable 14AH lithium-ion battery with recharging option
  • Ensures comfortable and confident handling
  • Firm front fork frame
  • Comes with 3-speed LED smart meter button
  • Easy for maneuvering
  • Brushless over-temperature protection
  • Can commute through both urban and rural roads
  • Contains front and rear micro shift
  • Tire and tube can tackle non-uniform roads


  • Interruption of power supply with brake lever

4. Sur-Ron MX

Sur-Ron MX

If you’re into versatile norms and are looking for a strong and fashionable dirt bike that you think could be the right for you, Sur-Ron MX electric dirt bike is the way to go. This dirt bike has three modes with the e-bike, auxiliary, and normal form.

You can hit off the roads with a peak speed ranging as 45 mph. This bike is resistant against snow, mud, and other adversities and can provide you with an ultimate custom dashboard. The dirt bike comes with a USB charging option and high-torque maintenance.

This product has a frame of aluminum that supports 60 volts of 33AH Panasonic battery. The good news is, this doesn’t let much of your time slip, the battery gets charged only in a 3-hour turnaround. You can enjoy much of its companionship without having to notice that your battery is down.

The charge stays up to 2 days and is quite standard. Sports mode is available adjusting with the purpose of your bike. You can also adjust the throttle and hop onto the speed range according to the leveled road condition.

It has full suspension to give you the maximum capacity of charging life


  • Attached high-quality handle-bars
  • Sophisticated battery life with Panasonic strategy
  • Mileage range: 62 miles
  • Battery is swappable
  • Classic with regenerative coasting
  • Robust and sturdy frame-line
  • Comes with dual suspension
  • Convenient to ride and tackle muddy and snowy roads


  • May have to buy an extra battery
  • Needs modification for turning up the top speed

5. 2020 KTM Freeride E-XC

2020 KTM Freeride

A quality dirt bike that has been named to be not just eloquent but fit for any kind of rider. You could ride anywhere with its small pilot program shift strategy and not complain one ounce.

The KTM freeride has a smaller frame that is fitted to serve the best and has a shorter wheelbase. The lower seat height allows you to adventure within your comfort zone and not miss a chance to ride along throughout the day.

KTM free ride causes zero-emission, it’s more than an eco-friendly dirt bike that ensures you’re maintaining your health, keeping you and people around you safe. The lower center of gravity, which comes with this model, is an exclusive feature that helps to slow the terrain.

The pivot turns and foot placing, which frees you from not needing to hassle. The special aluminum skid plate, which serves as a glide plate too, helps the frame to retain rigidity for large jumps. The power of this bike to cross over long distances and pave its way with extra force is what makes it so unique.

You might also want a count on how well you’re maintaining your bike with crossing, jumping, and paving your destination on the right track. The bike has an attached digital speedometer, which counts your mileage, so you’ll know when to stop and when to adventure.

As the electric ECU is built with water cooling technology, it ensures the very best performance.


  • No foot brake and no clutch
  • Less charge time required
  • Attached kickstand
  • Comfortable lower seat height
  • Runs well in both road hikes and suburbs
  • Offers 42 Mn torque
  • Built with an effective response rate


  • Makes no noise, hence have to look out for hikers and other bikers while on the run
  • Sensitive to heavy trails

6. 2020 ZERO FX ZF7.2 + ZF3.6

2020 ZERO FX ZF7.2

The good looker and powerful drift owner, ZERO FX, does not only offer a fun ride but makes it even more delicate with options suitable to your choice. The eco and sport mode of this dirt bike is popular, so much so it promotes much confidence about prosperous driving techniques and enjoyable rides.

Its standard built with different battery option, which means you can change and fix batteries which are best suited to your dirt bike. Importantly so, this feature allows you to build your bike’s charging grounds and make it easier to match with your needs.

With a very firm speed range, this dirt bike would guide through trails of mud, snow, and rain and will shield you from any potential harm. The motorcycle app would allow you to customize your modes whenever and wherever.

Further to add, it offers a huge torque of 78 lb. It’s not just an incredibly smart dirt bike to begin your journey with but also a simple 110 volt that promises to recharge your ride. Wherever you decide to incline, woods or parks, hill or offshores, urban or rural- this bike would be a good fit and will especially not come off tacky.

The front and rear gear provide full support to layout good suspension. It’s a model you’d be happily put on with.


  • Ultra-fast charging capacity
  • Integrated and swappable battery
  • Standard built power range technology
  • Comfortable seat host


  • Hybrid structure is quite different
  • Need to install an app before using it for changing modes

7. Kuberg FreeRider Electric Dirt Bike

Kuberg FreeRider Electric Dirt Bike

The very lightweight and stylish model of Kuberg, which hails with sophisticated features in and out, is much in demand for its extraordinary front and rear forks. The brakes allow you to drive smoothly and stop by monitoring the road conditions thereby.

Most importantly, this bike can trail you with a speed range of 34 MPH. You can ride through rocky roads and plain surfaces with an added customization to your tire type.

It’s an eco-friendly bike that doesn’t cause emission and would support your ride throughout the journey of using it. The 48-volt battery and 22 AH serves a 2-hour ride with its top speed.

The special air pumps within helps to withstand tough terrains and intense jumps. The tires are firm and would guarantee to stick with your hurdles and battles with the road. You can monitor mileage, battery percentage, and much more with the Kuberg app.


  • 3 levels of the fork for greater suspension
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Speed is adjustable
  • Battery is renewable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to use and switch throughout all modes


  • Doesn’t come with an extra tire fixing.

8. Electric Motion EM 5.7 Escape Dirt Bike

Electric Motion EM 5.7 Escape Dirt Bike

This dirt bike is popular with its specification being very environmentally friendly as it doesn’t emit any harmful gases and lets you ride free of guilt.

You can jump on numerous terrains, those too-difficult ones because of it’s deft torque power, which supports to brush through rocky trails and highways. It offers an incredible experience without having to worry about bike noises at all.

While you sport around the cityscapes, this bike would keep your waiting-time to the minimum zone as the one hour charge runs in a powerful mode. There’s a button for recharge attached with this model, which automatically revives your battery as you run downhill.

The DC engine puts you off from all worries about fuel consumption, causing you to regenerate the fuel for maximum use and not cause trouble while filling in. The high-quality brakes with a standard speed range provide a healthy experience for you to beam through. The run time of this model shifts through 110-120 minutes.

You can enjoy your weekend hiking or roaming around the city with this sturdy bike offering a lightweight feel.


  • Comes with three separate map settings for proper navigation
  • Great brakes and torque power
  • Agile and lightweight
  • Long-legged suspension
  • Road legal


  • Doesn’t have a horn

9. Kuberg Cross hero Electric Dirt Bike

Kuberg Cross hero Electric Dirt Bike

The classic Kuberg cross hero is pretty fast with its speed range and has a full toss battery power that serves handle the off and on-road dirt bike situation. The 3000-watt electric motor eases the riding discomfort and supports to ride safely.

Its high quality and premium with its alloy metal material. The adjusting power that shuffles with shock absorption and gives off a fine ride is all you need when you look for the perfect dirt bike.

It’s well built with front and rear disc brakes that allow stopping whenever required. As it’s watertight and serves with extensive handle-bars, you can find in this as rated in the kid-friendly section.

The high-quality frame of 77lb can be used profoundly as per one’s need. You can also track your ride, monitor battery level, and control bike’s function with an advanced technological Kuberg app.


  • Brakes provide excellent force
  • Top speed up to 17 MPH
  •  High-quality air suspension
  • 180mm front and rear forks along with air pumps
  • Withstands jumps and tough terrains
  • Shock absorbers help for a smoother ride


  • Speed specification is fixed

10. Razor SX500 McGrath Green

Razor SX500 McGrath Green

This bike stands as a kid-friendly with a lightweight appearance and no pipe to get burnt. The traction and suspension. The automatic electric power allows for smooth acceleration. It’s built for catering top performance and hovers through the road with good speed. The speed is adjustable, so you don’t need to worry about extreme speed ranges


  • Great front and rear brakes
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Affordable
  • Reliable with quality parts


  • Doesn’t contain headlights

Buying guide:

As much as it sounds and feels exciting to purchase a dirt bike for a fuller, natural, and daunting experience, it’s crucial to match the preferences you have and the boost of the model that serves the best.

You need to look forth for the accessories that would control your rides as well as provide a free zone to ride off independently. The rims, frames, brakes, and other factors of dirtbike need to be clutched properly to purchase the best electric dirt bike. Your budget and style also come into consideration when you’re planning to buy a dirtbike.

Some of the electric sports bikes feature with a long-legged suspension while others don’t. Some have nighttime riding headlights while others serve with an all-day rechargeable feature. The height, weight, and body type of each electric dirt bike differs.

Hence you need to have a specific idea about what you’re going to buy. Do you need a strong-featured dirt bike for hiking mountain trails? Or do you need something to run with your daily work schedule?

The more you know about what specifications would suit your need, the easier it will be to buy the best electric dirt bike fitted with your preferences.

Some of the factors that are to be taken into consideration before buying a dirt bike are stated below:

Type of ride:

Do you want sports, trail, or dual support? Before buying your dirt bike, make sure you know why you’re buying it for. Your purpose puts in a lot of changes and brushes through several specifications. It all comes down to the gearing mechanism and accelerative power.

If you go hiking often, go for a rechargeable battery option. If you want a dirtbike to level and cross through the muddy hurdles, make sure to check the front and rear forks. If you want a long-legged suspension, check out the Seatpost it offers.

If you want all-rounded well-geared support, go for a dual sports bike. You can also consider buying trail bikes if you feel the need to control the variance of features such as temperature, light, and speed.


Weight is highly important while investing in an appropriate and suitable dirt bike. The suspension is determined by the weight of each bike and whether or not you’d be comfortable with it.

Bikes that are too small might not be the right fit, as it’d be difficult to accommodate your mass. Weight can largely affect your day to day rides, and it would ultimately tone down to how much weight you to deal with


Whether you want to go for a 4 stroke or a 2 stroke bike needs to be discussed before you start shopping for dirt bikes at all. A two-stroke air-cooled bike is much suitable if you have less time for maintenance; it comes off quite cheap as well.

They’re light and easy to deal with. On the other hand, if you’re considering buying a model with stronger torque and a durable engine, four stroked bikes might be a good choice.


We want to make sure we get what we pay for. All-electric dirt bikes start from roughly 1000$ and range up to over 12000$. Make sure you’re not overspending and paying the right price for parts that come extra


Electric dirt bikes are now more reliable and ecofriendly. Good investment over a great bike would surely make your experience worthwhile.

Dirt bikes are a game-changer, and it has proven to serve the best about providing great service according to its value. These dirt bikes are unique in their form and are fostered to serve with their features.