What is A Good Video Editing Computer? Let’s Find Out

The world of video editing is getting more and more exposure to the increase in aspiring video editors.

YouTube content creators and other people in this area have multiplied. In the current world, video editing is also one of the most looked for skills when it comes to hiring professionals in different companies.

You do need some great skills and a little creativity to make awesome eye-pleasing videos, but you need to have a good video editing computer too.

Without the right combination of good hardware and software, you won’t be able to utilize your video editing skills efficiently. This is where we come in to help you out to find a good video editing computer. 

How To Pick A Good Video Editing Computer

Before we move on to our recommended best video editing computers, we are going to give you an idea about the things you should consider before buying one. The tech world is updating each day.

So, whatever you buy today might become irrelevant in a couple of months. So you need to pick out something that will surely suit your needs. Here are the things you should keep in mind before buying.

The Processor

Whether you’re buying a prebuilt or a custom build PC, you need to get a good idea about the processor. The market is saturated with great CPUs from both Intel and AMD. If you want great performance on a budget, you should at least save up a bit and get an i5 or a Ryzen 5. Try getting the latest versions of these CPUs.

If you don’t have budget constraints, you can go for the high-end stuff like the Ryzen 7 or Core i7 CPUs. These CPUs will do you good for another decade. If that’s not enough, you can even get the i9 from Intel or the Threadripper from AMD.

The Graphics Card

The next most important thing to consider is the GPU. These will certainly be the most expensive part of your build. Whether you decide to go with team Red or Team Green, you will need to dish out a decent amount of cash to get something that will suit your video editing needs. 

Midrange GPUs like the GTX 1650 Super or the Radeon RX 5600 XT should be the first choices if you want a decent video editing experience. However, if a lag-free quick rendering experience is your priority, you need to dish out the extra cash and look into the higher-end options. You can get something like the RX 5700 XT or even a GTX 2080ti. But these will certainly not come cheap.

A Super-fast SSD

Most people don’t think about this one and go out and buy a computer with a mechanical drive. But to get a smooth and fast experience, you need to get a solid-state drive. These will immediately make your PC fast. If you buy something like a Samsung 970 EVO, you won’t be seeing any lags during the imports. 

The Perfect Editing Software

The software is the medium through which you will interact with your video editing UI. There are loads of video editing software in the market which come with mesmerizing tools and features.

The software has made video editing very easy and quick. The apps like Premiere Pro from Adobe or Final Cut Pro are the two most popular editing software right now. 

With each one optimized for their Windows and Mac devices, you will get the perfect experience. These do get on sale quite often, though. So you better keep an eye out for these.

You might also want to check out a few video editor reviews from Optiux.com. They have quite amazing coupons that will help you get your software for a discount. 

Operating System

Your choice will mostly come down to the operating system that you choose. Windows and Mac work completely differently. So you need to pick a side before buying. Windows offers more customization, while Mac users get higher security.

Our Top Picks for A Good Video Editing Computer

Moving on to the best options you’re going to get for a video editing computer. Here are a few:

1. MacBook Pro

The MBP is truly the MVP of productivity. If you don’t have a soft corner for gaming, you will get your work done quite well with a MacBook.

Even the older models will give you better optimization on Final Cut Pro. But be sure to get one with a Core i5 processor or higher. 

2. Apple iMac

If you decide to go with a desktop route, pick an iMac out. The 2020 models will be the most preferred, while the older ones offer more value for money.

These are premium machines that will increase your productivity manifold. You can streamline your workflow easily with these.

3. Any High-End Windows Device

If you’ve chosen to go with Windows, you won’t be bound with limited options. With a saturated market of amazing companies, you will get tons of options in both the laptop and desktop fields. A laptop will last you 3-4 years if you go for one with decent specs. 

But you get about ten years from a PC if you choose the right upgrades. Pick out the best components according to the buying guide, and you will get excellent video editing performance.

You can even get excellent prebuilt devices from multiple companies like Dell, NZXT, and others if you don’t want to build from scratch. 

Final Words

Video editing skills are respected all over the world right now. With the right combination of hardware and software, you, too, can easily start your production right off the bat.

Choosing the best computer for yourself can get confusing and tricky now in 2020. The tech world updates faster than ever, and it is really hard to keep up.

So you need to keep a lot of things in mind before actually going out and buying your computer. Hope this guide helps you out. Good luck!